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ECI Games Branding

The Brief

As video games become increasingly popular around the world, game developers face the challenge of localising their games to appeal to players in different regions. One of the most significant challenges is ensuring the localised version of the game is culturally appropriate and sensitive to the target audience's norms and values.

With designs of expanding more dominantly into the western market, ECI Games asked us to design an identity that would resonate with games developers. To them, this meant creating a brand rooted in the symbolism and visual language of the video games industry. Unlike competitors in the space.

The Idea

Our logo, takes the acronym ECI and turns the letterforms 90 degrees to create a playful character. Each form designed to mimic Chinese calligraphy - acknowledging the brands heritage. The logo is paired with a traditional gold and teal primary palette, and sans serif logotype. Motion enables our character to emote - doubling down on the idea of empathy for both developers and players.

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