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The Brief

During lockdown cases of domestic abuse rose sharply. One in four women are now affected by domestic abuse, and research shows it is the least likely major crime to be reported. It’s also one of the UK’s largest causes of homelessness. Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to provide survivors of abuse with refuge. Spaces to feel heard, safe and supported. 

Hearth creates safe spaces for survivors of abuse in the shape of wellness classes, meeting places, and child support services. The company vision; A world free from abuse - is actioned through research based campaigning conducted by an in house team.Therein lies the design challenge. Hearth wanted a brand that was as bold as it was warm. Bold enough to carry the crux of their ideology to parliament, and warm enough to be approachable to survivors.

The Idea

Name. Hearth. Definition; 1 The area in front of a fireplace."They were sitting around the hearth” 2 A symbol of one's home."she left hearth and home to train in Denmark”.

The logo is comprised of two core shapes, a heart, and a shelter. Symbolising both compassion and protection. Our logo can by gestured as a hand signal by pressing together both thumbs, index and middle fingers. So Hearth can remain a topic of private conversation, even in public.

Our platform “Home Is Where The Hearth Is”, is informed by the mission and values of the brand.

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