MUTU System

Technical SEO, Content Strategy

The Brief

MUTU System helps women to recover their physical strength and confidence after childbirth. The brand was founded by Wendy Powell, who created the MUTU System after experiencing difficulties with her own postpartum recovery. The program includes exercises and guidance for improving core strength, pelvic floor health, and overall fitness. The brand empowers women to take control of their bodies and feel confident in their postpartum journey.

After undertaking a website migration in early 2022 MUTU System lost the majority of their global search visibility - contributing to a near 80% loss of both traffic and revenue. They tasked us with identifying the cause of poor search performance, creating a roadmap to recovery, and implementing said changes.

The Idea

Through extensive analysis of the entire customer journey we identified a series of technical SEO errors that lead to a sharp decline in traffic. Running parallel to the identification of these issues, were a series of Google updates that impacted on site content, and a flurry of new, high profile competitors to the market.We addressed an improper implementation of hreflang tags. Correcting each instance and ensuring that content was appropriately localised for the regions it was written for. This naturally led to an entire audit of both current and legacy content - to determine any changes that may have negatively effected content performance. When issues were identified - we rewrote the content to better serve the audience first, then search engines. Ensuring that all meta and alt content was fully optimised.Once the content had been rejuvenated, we looked to site performance for an additional lift. Working closely with the site’s developers, we made extensive changes to the performance of the site, minifying large chunks of code, compressing rich media, and implementing an internal linking strategy to better distribute equity.

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- 105.17% increase in organic search traffic
- Up to 13,500 visits per month
- 305% increase in monthly impressions
- Up to 644K impressions per month