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Provide Finance Branding Logo

The Brief

Alternative lending platforms have become popular in recent years. Providing borrowers with access to capital they’re unlikely to obtain through traditional lenders - such as banks. Alternative lending platforms use technology to streamline the lending process. Removing the need for protracted negotiations, and offering quicker access to investment opportunities. 

Provide Finance came to us requesting a new identity for their platform. A ground up redesign of their communications. To coincide with the release of their latest innovative matching platform, helping borrowers and lenders connect and manage deals directly.

The Idea

In research we explored the complex and emotional journey of borrowers acquiring funding. Often the realisation of their vision hangs in the balance until funding is secured. It’s an unnerving and uncomfortable process. Provide was designed to help borrowers and lenders build meaningful and fruitful relationships, without the ambiguity of traditional funding options. The logo; Max The Spirit, represents boundlessness. A mark that in context, is truly disruptive given the lack of distinction across brands in the category.

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