Rhodes - "Say More" Campaign

Creative Direction, Production, Strategy, Sustainability

Rhodes Film Cover

The Challenge

Rhodes pianos are played by artists who defined generations - celebrated for their tone, portability and feel. Despite the popularity of their pianos, the brand fell out of the spotlight in the late eighties. A result of business ownership decisions gone awry. Now, under new stewardship from stalwarts of the brand’s past, Rhodes hoped to reclaim its former market position and brand sentiment, ahead of releasing their first electro-mechanical piano in over twenty years.

The Insight

"Music, when honest, says more than any sentence." Artistry and commercial viability can often be at odds with one another. Making it a rare case that an artist writing from the heart, without the burden of commercial viability, manages to cut through the mainstream. Rhodes pianos have forever been the choice of the exception to the rule. What made their music different? Simplicity. An intention, a message and a Rhodes. For the artist who has something to say - without the noise.

The Idea

Industry would have you believe music is measured by metrics. In truth - the measure of great music is in its ability to resonate with it’s audience.

When all that exists is noise, don’t speak, say more”.

Rhodes Creative PlatformRhodes Instagram Mockup
Rhodes Campaign Billboard
Rhodes MK8Rhodes MK8 Detail


- Pianos sold out in 10 weeks (£13,000 price point)
- 250,000+ views on the hero creative in first month
- 1300 hours watch time
- 142,500 uniques, 20 countries (98% unsubscribed views)
- 2X industry benchmark for video engagement
- Video retention 2X industry benchmark for 3min+ film
- Regular web traffic increase 3X
- YouTube referrals staying on site 3X longer and visiting 60% more pages
- 65% decrease in ThruPlay cost
- 68% lower cost per landing page visit
- +600% increase in brand searches
- 12:1 ROAS on campaign revenue vs marketing spend
- Manufacturing relocated to Leeds, UK to reduce carbon footprint
- Packaging reduced to support carbon reduction efforts