Naming, Branding, Website Design, Content Production

The Brief

Advertising has a disproportionate effect on the values of our society. Particularly in the context of the climate crisis. On one hand, it can drive demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Encourage businesses to adopt climate friendly strategies. And communicate the urgent messages of our time in an instant. On the other, the industry contributes to unsustainable consumption patterns. Promoting "excess" , single-use products, and lifestyles that prioritise convenience over sustainability. With little regard for the way that messaging and imagery can shape cultural norms. 

Agencies must collaborate with organisations who can exert disproportionate positive change. As the climate emergency escalates, communications will be critical in coordinating solutions. Facilitating innovative ideas that will impact future policies, regulations and decisions. This is where Supercharger comes in.

The Idea

Supercharger is a collective, offering advertising services to climate first businesses, whose ideas have the potential to build a sustainable future. We created a brand from the root of the climate emergency. Energy. We drew inspiration from electrical diagrams - using switch symbols to create our logo. The brand system is underpinned by “urgency” - shown in the photography treatments and out of home executions.